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  1. I'm getting the same error while writing a cd-rw disc. I'm trying to write a .iso disc and get this error. It states it is an unknown error and lists the following;error sense data sense key:3 asc: c ascq:0.After this happened i tried to erase it and the same error happens.
  2. I just discovered this was not a function in this software tonight,and was a little dissapionted by this. I had to go back to sonic record now to copy a game-cd.I knew i didn't uninstall sonic for some reason.This would make a great feature to add to a great freeware program to make it better.
  3. I have already fixed it, Thank You Rocker452
  4. i have the same problem. i tried to write a zip file backup to a cd-r and get a 102 error. it starts to write but after about 19% is written the error happens. i'm running winxp with qsi sbw242 dvd/cd-rw drive. David Langdon
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