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  1. so from that list, this will simply not work with my burner? are there any other versions that might work? or other makes of freeware burner software?
  2. message also says some old recorders are not supported. anywhere i can check if mine is supported? the drive is a toshiba dvd sd-r5002. came on my vaio new couple years ago. the vaio had no burning software when i got it, this normal?
  3. sorry, yea. when i open the program and select dvd-+r it will tell me the above message that the drive is busy or no recognized. when i select any of the others, burn iso, rip audio, data disc, etc it goes directly to the next screen. i only get this message with the dvd bit. any ideas? thanks
  4. oh im running xp home and i've been writing dvd-r's with dvd x copy before.
  5. hi i have the latest version 2.2.4 and the software doesn't see my dvd burner. i get this message after it checks the buses and such ..... DVD+-RW busy or not recognized i was burning fine with dvd x copy before. i can still burn cdr's fine. help???
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