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  1. Yes, it's free, and if you paid for it, you were scammed. Paypal will refund your money.
  2. I'd love to help you out, but you need to provide more information... what kind of files are you trying to burn? What process are you following - step by step, please...
  3. yes, with appropriate software - such as dvd shrink to make the dvd data smaller, and a re-authoring software to combine movies and create menus.
  4. you have to open up your computer and determine which cable is to which port and adjust from there - you may have to change jumpers on your drives as well.
  5. In addition to controlling your burner and the writing process, the software is also converting the mp3/wav file to cda (what your cd player understands). The drop in CPU usage during gaps is because no data translation is occurring.
  6. This area is reserved for the File Allocation Table and Table of Contents.
  7. Wow, 2 errors in one day indicating a USB problem... Are you using a USB drive?
  8. If anyone cares ;o) Had a death in the family, career change, home change (sold old, bought new), so have been very busy...
  9. How many MP3 files have you burned to the disc? 140 5 MB MP3 files will consume 700MB of disc...
  10. www.bootdisk.com Get a Windows 98 boot disc image Create a boot floppy Boot from floppy. Your CD-ROM drive will be recognized. Reinstall Windows.
  11. Click Profiles on the forums page, upper right side.
  12. Slow down your burn speed Terminate any unnecessary programs Don't run *anything* else while burning
  13. Holy antiquities, Batman! The machine speed probably is an issue, but not a major one. By the error code, something else is attempting to access your cd. Have you done complete antivirus and spyware scans?
  14. obtain IsoBuster or a similar program and check the ISO files that way...
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