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  1. I am having this problem also! I want to make a copy of the Microsoft Backup I have done of my documents and when I drag the folder to the drop and drag section I get this error files could not be added to the compilation. This is the report or error message I get. Catalogs Access to the path 'D:\JOHN-PC\Backup Set 2010-06-11 074930\Catalogs' is denied. D:\JOHN-PC\Backup Set 2010-06-11 074930\Catalogs Hope this helps. John.
  2. Is there a known problem when burning an ISO file to DVD ? I used CDBurnerXP to burn an Distribution copy of Ubuntiu 7 to a DVD and when I re-booted with the DVD drive the disk would not boot into ubuntiu. Also looked at the disk with Windows Explorer and no files could be displayed from the disk ? the disk was burned with CDBurnerXP iso burning and finalised when finished. My System is Windows XP Home + all updates from MS.
  3. I have also had problems with DVD+RW Disks, I burned DVD+RW disk and I can't read anything on that disk! at first I thought my DVD writer had broken as it took a long time to write the files and I had to re-boot my PC to get the disk out. Any news why this should be. Windows XP + SP2 and all updates.
  4. Just a quick question, When I installed CDBurnerXP a few days later there was an update and I installed that, now I have two installations of CDBurnerXP CDBurnerXP CDBurnerXP Do I need both of these or can I uninstall one? if I don't need both which one can I uninstall please.
  5. Hi, I was just wondering if the new version of CDBurnerXP Pro would have a facility to create Auto run CD's like the DeepBurner program dose at present al but limited in the free version.
  6. No that was not possible,however,I re-installed the Alpha version and I decided not to let CDXP Pro associate files with it and then did a full format of another disk and that worked fine, I then did a quick format of another disk that could only be read by ISO reader and that worked fine. Both disks accepted writing to and both was readable. So maybe it was just a bad disk after all.
  7. Yes the disk is fine not scratches I tried the disk in my DVD drive and an error message saying . Windows cannot read from this disk. This might be corrupted or it could be using a format that is not compatible with windows.
  8. Have tried your new Alpha version to day and have found a major problem to me anyway. I placed a CDRW in my ASus CDRW writer and did a Quick format and according to the new Alpha version it formated OK,however, when i placed the CD back into the drive it took an age to load the disk ! also the Alpha program crashed and will not read the disk at all,it even wont read the disk when using 3.0.116. I think the CDRW disk has been made useless. This is not a compliant. Just informing you what I have found with the Alpha. I have reverted back to version 3.0.116 until the final version comes
  9. Hi, When I have formated a CDRW with CDB and then try to do a backup of my files to the formated CD I get the error message saying cannot create file G:\OE_Back_zip the device is not ready.I cannot even read the formated CDRW with other file viewing software or create a folder on the CD Yet I can record to the CDRW via CDB and after that the CDRW is readable in other software. Do I need to install another program like Incd for example to enable packet writing to the CDRW.
  10. Hi, Just installed the new version of CDBurnerXP Pro on my Windows 98 PC with all the relevant updates to 98 downloaded and installed from the windows update site. Every section of CDBurner works apart from the DVD writing because I do not have a DVD Writer, but I am having problems with the Rip writing section of the software. CDB detects my CDRW and my (CD/DVD drive read only) and displays the contents of an audio CD but when I click close CDBurner program freezes. Any one any ideas please.
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