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  1. honestly.... well, start a discussion in the google group....I'll make sure to provide any info you might need
  2. hit me up via PM if you need any more testing done. anyways, same exception error as mentioned a few posts ago
  3. also....you can probably change my usergroup from translator to donator now. The English used has been getting much better since then
  4. took me awhile to finally donate ^^ anywho, donated $5 under Transaction ID #16W70052TW0795506
  5. Same here with Windows XP Throwing away a DVDR-DL always makes me cry
  6. Same thing with me and trying to burn a multi-session DVDR-DL
  7. track is also another name for a session on a data disc does this also happen when you specify to close the disc instead of leaving it open for multisession?
  8. I'm gonna assume that your question is about Lightscribe support, since this is an english forum and no one will understand your post No, lightscribe is not supported with the current (and probably beta) versions of cdburnerxp....have you tried the official lightscribe application? http://www.lightscribe.com/downloadSect ... spx?id=811
  9. definitely great to be back just tell me when the new translation files will be avaliable
  10. if it's a disc "fresh from the package" and never used before, then you don't have to format...just burn. if not, then just go to Disc -> Erase Disc
  11. some drives can't read multisession discs, and must be finalized before it can be read. Also, I must ask....if you are using DVDs, is the other drive a DVD player?
  12. audacity can do it easily....and free too http://audacity.sourceforge.net/
  13. I'm pretty sure the latest closed beta can do this. If not, then why not use ImgBurn?
  14. probably he means an option to change the default icon CDBXP uses in its window
  15. phew....you had me worried there for a few weeks will version 0.5 for translators be avaliable soon?
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