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  1. DVD drive is a pioneer DVR-105 model.... I had not flashed it to the latest firmware when I tried it but I wanted to check before I tried again as trashed disks soon add up in cost! In terms of files it was just about 4.5 Gb of digital photos.
  2. Hi, downloaded 2.2.5 - tried to burn a data dvd-r .... all seemed to go okay and it said it was completed with no errors but the dvd cannot be read in a dvd drive - as an earlier poster said, the dvd-rw drive in Explorer turns into a CD drive and there no files listed on it. In CDBXP it cannot see the existing session, though DeepBurner can see it is there. The outcome of the previous poster - for an earlier version - was that dvd-r was not supported by this program, but the home page here says dvd-r is supported. Could anyone confirm if it should work?!? Thanks. DV2529
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