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  1. I do home PC repairs, upgrades etc. I see spyware on MOST internet-connected PCs, or at the very least, lots of dodgy cookies. I know Ad-aware and Spybot VERY well. I have them both installed on the same PC I use CDBXP on, and they have never ever ONCE come up with any spy/ad/mal-ware. So, clapiton, it would seem you are FULL OF IT. Despite my problems with the 102 error, when this app worked for me, it worked wonderfully. So kudos to Stefan and co for CD Burner XP! And someone buy them a lager or something, they deserve it for releasing this free!
  2. Whenever I ask CDBXP to start a data disc, it sits there thinking for about two minutes, then goes into the data disc creator as normal. Can't burn though... I get a 102 error with my Acer 4x4x32 under Win98SE.
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    error 102

    I have an Acer 4x4x32, which you'll notice is actually in CDBXP's compatibility list!! Using a blank CD-RW (TDK 80min), after blanking (either using CDBXP on this PC, or with Nero on my other PC - which has a Plextor 16/10/40A), attempting to write to the disc comes up with a 102 error straight away. In Windows 98. In Windows 2000, I NEVER HAD THIS PROBLEM (no I can't go back to 2000 on this PC - I only have one license other than my laptop's).
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