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  1. Can someone explain what the different boot emulation types are? What is the Load Segment used for? Does this value, 7C0, change? What should the Sectors value be set to? Does this change based upon the emulation type chosen? I'm trying to use a bootimage.img file created by ISO Buster from a bootable XPP CDROM. I can use this file with burnatonce to create bootable CD's, but for some reason this file will not work with either CDBurnerXP Pro or even DeepBurner. I have no desire to purchase WinImage or some other utility to create boot image files with.
  2. Can I use CDBurnerXP Pro 2.2.6 to create a bootable ISO image? I don't see anywhere to provide a bootable image file (e.g. bootcd.img).
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