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  1. Switch back to Firefox 1.0.7 for a while (I made a mistake in the previous message calling it 1.7). http://internetweek.cmp.com/shared/arti ... =174907404 http://www.informationweek.com/shared/p ... =175007152
  2. That's funny, I came right over here to say the same thing! I downloaded it yesterday (it came out a day early), but it was too late to install it. Is it very different from 1.7? I don't use all the features anyway. I read they've added about.com and dogpile.com to the list of search plugins. It would be smart to delete all of these except for Google and Yahoo. You really don't need them all anyway, and they would just slow you down. I do not recommend you get Googlebar, but if you are determined to get it, look at this before you decide: http://www.borngeek.com/firefox/google
  3. Since it's almost December, I encourage all you doners, to just correct current problems, and not make new feature requests that would take even longer than before. This project should be done by early January if not sooner, but it may not if these requests continue. I want to make this clear: No feature requests until this is out. CDBurner does not have to be perfect in every way before the next version or build.
  4. Please take a look at almost every previous post here. All posts are related to the programs listed. On the site itself it says it includes a toolbar which generates popup ads, but in the EULA it says the toolbar does not come from the same company and therefor has it's own EULA. This company is SaveU, most noted for their spyware. SaveU itself has dropped it's spyware, but as said in the previous spyware thread, like Gator, it carries and attracts spyware even if it's not added by SaveU itself. One of these is a hijacker called Xupiter Toolbar which is like the MyDoom of spyware.
  5. I am the poster who was and is angry at Flo for not even attempting to figure out the cause of all our problems. If you are using an upgraded version of EZCD Creator and still run into problems, uninstall the included DirectCD. It is "packet writing" software which eats up memory resources because of the drag and drop copy system. The "memory hog" part of it wouldn't alone cause problems though. WindowsXP and 2000 includes some drivers that conflicts with EZCD Creator even without DirectCD, so update your drivers. Windows95 and 98 also conficts with it, but this is only DirectCD related
  6. Freeware utils are nice, and free "Must Have's" are better, but they always expire after about 60 days. I'm glad CDBXP is completely free with no limitations.
  7. Here's what I found: Advertising Cookie Atlas DMT Cookie Bluestreak Cookie MediaPlex Cookie Passport Cookie Servedby Advertising Cookie Valueclick Cookie These are all unrelated cookies I would have gotten anyway, just from sufing the Web with cookies enabled.
  8. I'm new here, but I'm pretty much the same way. This thread did get me a little scared, but I think I'll take Flo's word for it. I always custom scan my programs with AVG for viruses, and after I install I use Webroot's SpySweeper which goes through the registry to pick up any Trojan's, so I shouldn't see any here. I'll install now and see what I get. Oh, I forgot, PestPatrol is officially called a Trojan program. I did the scan for Trojans, dialers, and keystroke loggers, and it found stuff that wasn't there before. SpySweeper took care of all them. Other online scanners (sponsored b
  9. I think it should be somewhat of an option. Instead of a preset time and day, the time and day would be set by the user using an AND function. This way it won't automatically go on when the user doesn't want it to. Time: 3:00 PM AND 10:00 AM Day: Monday AND Wednesday AND Friday
  10. The EULA says it includes a suite of programs. What's bundled with it? Is the 9x version of Windows Media Player or codec important? What if you don't have that version or any Microsoft player, but you do have the codecs that came with your OS? I have Media Player Classic as a replacement for the regular Windows Media Player 6.4. http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=82303&package_id=84358&release_id=227046
  11. What's this all about? Am I registering the freeware?
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