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  1. Ukrainian translation up to dated to (at minimum) v4.0.025.471 You can download compiled language file here: _http://chtyvo.iatp.org.ua/tmp/CDBurnerXP 4.0.025 (ukr).zip (unstable server) Can be used with older or newer versions of CDBurnerXP.
  2. Translation is already added to http://cdburnerxp.se/translations When it be added to distributive - know only developers. Now I want to know how I can translate CDBurnerXP website!?
  3. Ukrainian translation up to dated to (at minimum) v4.0.022.370 You can download compiled language file here: _http://chtyvo.iatp.org.ua/tmp/CDBurnerXP 4.0.022 (ukr).zip (unstable server)
  4. I'm waiting for new upload password from Flo. Ukrainian translation v4.0.x in progress...
  5. Flo, can you tell me which STANDARD (maybe some ISO?) define/assign this language codes?
  6. Hello Flo, in lates beta (v3.5.101.7) instalator I can't see Ukrainian translation Bug must be fixed
  7. I didn't know about your knowlage
  8. When I burn file which name contains Cyrillic symbols, thr burned file renamed by CDBXPP to unknown alphabet. Example: Original filename: Ìàìàé.avi Burned filename:
  9. Ukrainian *.resx (ver.0.4) already uploaded
  10. Why you don't want to translate whole site, not only Help/FAQ page? Start page you may do like Maxthon site start page: http://www.maxthon.com/lang.htm?select Think about that!
  11. I already finished! I found 2 new language bugs: In main window and in Dropbox window text "MB" is untranslable Finished Ukrainian DLL file: http://domivka.net/files/vitalis-temp/c ... an_DLL.zip
  12. All text in tabs of CDBurnerXP Pro Options is untranslable. That's mean that strings from this window is no presented in language file (*.resx). It will be fixed?
  13. No, there all is OK. Not in all language codes (xx-XX) first latters (xx) matchs with second letters (XX). See here (at bottom of post): viewtopic.php?t=1479 Yes, I hope
  14. I already discover the problem. I compile my translation as ru-RU and then replase they with Russian translation in program folder. All works. Where I my to send my *.dll file after full translation and compilation.
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