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    DVD Burning

    Downloaded it and I will try it later this afternoon. In anycase I will wait for version 3.5.
  2. Steel_J

    DVD Burning

    Actually, I would have to try to be 100% sure, but in previous versions I did burn DATA DVD'S without problems. I dont have 109 anymore. Do you know where I could D/L a copy? Then I would try. Last nigt I gave it another shot by re-installing my ASPI with ForceASPI. Did not change anything.
  3. Steel_J

    DVD Burning

    I don't get it, I cannot for the life of me burn a Data DVD in any format with this program in beta version 113 and 114 Althought I did in the past versions wihout problems. It's not my burner since I burn successfully with Nero and BurnatOnce. My burner is a LG GSA 4040B and I tried burning a joliet, than iso data DVD of around 3.9 gig. I tried different DVD-R brands and I tried a DVD-RW. The burning dialog comes up, but around 10 seconds after it's start the burn sequence the windows closes and the program dissapears. Nothing else happens. I retried 5-6 times. I rebooted. Program shutdown every time, no error messages. Anybody else as this happening to them?
  4. Hi, I have been looking for alternatives to NERO for so long and you are the first devellopers that look promising to me. I donated 5.00 dollars U.S with the e-mail : j-f.ouellette@sympatico.ca I would like to test out any betas if any and of course any bugfix are welcome, especially one for that annoying Windows Installer popup problem described in the forum. I keep getting it. If you have a temporary fix for this I welcome it. Keep up the good work and I will donate more Can't wait for that version 3.0!
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