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  1. What are your DPI settings? You write that the font size in most other applications is okay. Since many applications use the system font, too, I guess you've customized the DPI system settings and CDBurnerXP ignores these customizations.
  2. Are there plans to implement CD-Text support in future versions?
  3. For the case that this gets implemented and the devs choose to do this via a context menu shell extension: don't use .net for this task. Writing shell extensions using .net is unsupported by Microsoft and can lead to strange failures. The reason is that there can't exist 2 versions of the .net runtime in the same process, but the shell extension is loaded into processes, that e. g. display a open file dialog. So if application A uses .net 1.1 and displays a open file dialog, the context menu shell extension would be loaded and if this extension makes use of .net 2.0, the result is unpredictable. I'm writing this warning because I'm following the Microsoft shell newsgroups/forums and few developers know that it's a really bad idea to use .net for shell extensions. The reason might be that in the early days of .net Microsoft promoted .net for shell extensions (until they realized that it's a bad idea).
  4. Hi, a friend of mine wants to extend his VB6 program by some basic CD burning features. I know you were using VB6, too, so maybe you can give us some hints how to do it? AFAIR you're using a 3rd party component. Could you please tell us where we can find this component? Thanks TiKu
  5. Not sure whether I understood you right, but there is no unmanaged VB7. There's unmanaged Visual C++ 7 only.
  6. Yes, I know what Palladium/NGSCB is. I even had a large article about/against it on my website for a long time. But Palladium is a different topic, which I see much more differenciated today than I did 2 years ago when I wrote the article (which doesn't mean I love it now). You wrote you won't install .net because it takes to much memory. Well, that's your right. But I think it's a bit crazy to pass on good software just because the required framework needs 20 MB. Have you Java installed? Well, it needs probably more than 20 MB. Have you the VB6 runtimes installed? ~5 MB. Have you the MFC runtimes installed? ~5-10 MB. Have you GTK+ installed? You know what I mean? If you're consequent, there's not much software left that will run on your system. I wouldn't call .net unnecessary. It's very powerful. There're even first games (I'm talking about REAL games made by professionals) using it.
  7. You never used VB3-6, did you? It's a pain to develop multi-language apps with VB classic, especially if it's a language like Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Russian... Unicode-aware ActiveX controls are rare. And even if they were not, VB classic still sucks when it comes to globalization support. @All the .net-haters: Why don't you post at least one reasonable fact why .net is bad? Saying ".net is bad because its from MS" is nothing more than trolling. BTW, be aware not to use any apps that use Mono or Portable .net - you would help spreading .net over the world. And btw, the Gnome developers plan to integrate Mono into Gnome until Gnome 2.12. So it looks like there'll soon be one Linux DE less for some people... /e: Oh, I forgot, Windows Longhorn's Windows Explorer will be/is written in .net, so be sure never to use Longhorn.
  8. With .net, CDBurnerXP Pro will be much more portable than with VB6. VB6 can't really handle Unicode; it has big problems with WinXP themes; VB6 programs are difficult to localize; they'll probably never run on anything other than Windows (or its clone ReactOS); VB6 doesn't get improved anymore (the last version is from 1998!); VB6 is proprietary... I'll stop here. Now take .net: It's object orientation in perfection; it's an ECMA standard; .net programs are very easy to localize; it fully supports Unicode; there're no problems with WinXP themes; the Mono Project brings .net to other systems than Windows (maybe CDBXPP will run on Linux one day;)); .net is under heavy development... Enough? Now all you MS haters, tell me again that .net is more evil than VB6! The one and only big disadvantage of .net compared to VB6 is the larger runtime. But since many of us have DSL and .net will be included with Windows in the future, I don't see any problem here. /just my 2 ct @Flo: Don't say I haven't warned you.
  9. Hehe, I totally agree with you. I know that all versions up to 3.0.114 were written in VB6. I wanted to know which language will be used in the rewrite that is mentioned in this thread. A look at the bottom of the download page tells me that you switched to .net, but it doesn't tell me the language. Of course the language is unimportant, especially with .net, but I'd like to know it anyway.
  10. Oh, looks like you're switching to .net. While I fully support this decision because .net is fully WinXP compatible (which can't be said about VB6 - just think about theming) and because it supports things like Unicode, you should be aware, that there are many ".net stinks" zealots out there. You should have seen the old forum of ID3-TagIT. When this program switched from VB6 to VB.net, the forum was full of threads complaining that "the evil" .net gets used. ID3-TagIT also lost many users. BTW: Which language are you using now? C# or VB .net or even managed C++?
  11. Version 3 doesn't use the ciaXP* files anymore (fortunately ). I included all the files you mentioned that I could find. Now I'm at 6,59 MB. I think in the end (with the setup program and all the things that may be missing ATM) we could end up with ~10 MB. And if you say, the new helpfile will be smaller... Of course we need much more testing if we use UPX (i just started CDBXPP and clicked a little bit around), but I'd give UPX+Inno Setup a try.
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