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  1. i appreciate your patience as well, thanks for looking into it
  2. yes, i did, i even tried installing Nero Burning Rights, still doesnt work, if you need me to send you a System Information Pagefile, i can, just pm me on the forum
  3. no, i got the same errors on SP1, i dont know if this helps at all, but i remember i used to have Visual Basic 6 installed on my machine, but i never could thoroughly uninstall it, sometimes when Windows recognizes an error in code on a website, the VB box pops up and asks me if i want to debug, but clicking yes yields no result, i tried reinstalling XP, but it didnt solve the problem, and theres no way im reformatting, i dont know if any of this has any relevance whatsoever
  4. the other programs running in the background are just Windows components, and it will not load the files from anywhere on the hard disk, oh, and i forgot to tell you that i do have administrative rights
  5. avast! Anti-virus (disabled, did not solve problem) Synamptics TouchPad (cant disable) Intel Graphics Technology (cant disable)
  6. it appears that both problems also occur with wav files, except with them, it doesnt even display the Unknown Error box, it just shuts down the program
  7. i have tested mp3 and ogg files, and it appears that the error only occur with wma files, i have the most recent version of Media Player installed, let me know if you want me to try anything else
  8. only with audio files, the data cd project seems to work fine with any file type, all my songs are in wma format, so if you would like me to download an mp3 and ogg to test, i would gladly be of service
  9. i get this when i double-click an audio file in audio project mode: CDBurnerXP - Critical An error occured trying to play this track:File Access error. (OK) and this when i try to add an audio file to the audio project: Error Unknown Error! (OK) - when clicked the entire program shuts down i am using version 3.0.113 under Windows XP Home Edition SP2 with a Sony CD-RW CRX700E drive, please let me know if any further information about my system is needed
  10. i am using the newest public release (3.0.109) and now when i go to add a music file into my audio cd project, i just get 1 Unknown Error box and then the whole program shuts down, please let me know if you require any further information about my system
  11. i am running CDBurnerXP Pro 2.2.9 under Windows XP Home Edition with a Sony CD-RW CRX700E drive, and when i go to make an audio cd, when i try to add a track to the compilation, a box comes up and says "Unknown Error" with an OK button, when clicked the box appears two more times, after the third, the program shuts down, any help would be appreciated
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