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  1. It's my guess that future updates to CDBXPP which require the .Net Framework is going to have a negative effect on the success of this otherwise admirable bit of freeware. The .Net Framework installation is extremely unpopular as it can cause system slowdown and even corruption of system files. I regret to say I will not be using any version of CDBXPP which requires it --- and that means either struggling with an older version or going elsewhere. The latter is more than likely.
  2. Ok. thanks for your help thus far. Will keep checking back for newer version (not beta). and give it a spin. thread closed. Pip
  3. On a final note, Flo, I'm stll curious to know if CDBXPP would have continued with the burn (If I had let it) and created a DVD-ROM (ISO) with a file over 2GB in size (bearing in mind that nero says this is not possible), and would the finished disc then be readable? My worry is (on behalf of other users) that because CDBXPP is not yet able to issue a warning about file-size limits for ISO discs, they may well be blissfully unaware of it until they find that the disc is unreadable, or if the burn doesn't work they won't know why (unless they read this thread of course!)> Regards Pip
  4. thanks flo. At least I now know why nero behaves differently with UDF. As for using a DVD-RW, the file in question is a very important disc-image backup file, and I believe -RW media isn't as reliable as -R media hence I only use DVD-RW for unimportant short-term data. The experience has shown me that nero is far superior, though to be fair, so it should be since it's not free! Good luck with the development of CDBXPPro, I may give a later version a try when it has become more powerful and user friendly. It has to be said at the moment it lacks some essential options and isn't very intuiti
  5. When, in my ignorance, I attempted to create a 'DVD-ROM (ISO)' using a file larger than 2GB, Nero warned me that this was not possible with a file over 2GB. It advised me to select 'DVD-ROM (UDF)' as the disc type instead. I did this and it worked perfectly. However, CDBurnerXPPro does not issue any such warning, indeed, there is no way to select UDF as the disc type. The only indication that something is not right is that the compilation-size status bar shows black with a -(minus) character followed by a figure in kilobytes. But I aborted the actual writing process for fear of wasting a di
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