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  1. had the same problem.. could not find a solution other than use different burning tool
  2. So true... and not only for software burning tools, but also for burner's firmware update! Manufacturers had two choices: make available free firmware update for existing burners to add DL support... or create new burners, sold high price! What a surprise to find so many custom firwares for 'old' burners, that add unofficial DL support Looking forward to have cdburnerxp able to burn DL media !!!!!
  3. This is good news, thanks for the update on that topic
  4. Hello ! As a new feature (ok unless it is already in, but I don't think so ) I would be interested in getting support for double layer (DVD-9) burning. Support for LiteOn SOHW-832S burner (has DL support) would be very appreciated too Thanks !
  5. Hi I would be interested in double layer (DVD-9) support as well Support for LiteOn SOHW-832S (has DL support) would be very appreciated
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