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  1. Hey, The new Beta .7 version is great. The manual CDDB system works perfectly. The only issue I'm running into is if I switch the MP3 recording format to mono I get pops and clicks. The pops and clicks appear at all bit rates and all sampling. I'm just burning the mono tracks as stereo and I get no click or pops, so it works fine. But it may be a bug. (Or it could be something to do with the mono-stereo conversion from the CD.)
  2. Hey, I dontated $5. Please add me to your donor list. (My previous message was posted in the wrong part of the forum.) B_mo m o r e 0 1 2 6 @ t c . u m n . e d u
  3. I just donated. I can't find a way to post to the "news" section as the instructions direct me to do, so I'm posting here. I'd like access to the beta. (I mainly need a work around for the CDDB problem when I'm burning discs that don't have a CDDB listing.) Thanks.
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