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  1. Pushing back this feature request to the top of the forum. I've not looked into the new interface you're using to track feature requests. I hope this one is in it Tried 3.0.115 after playing with the 2.something. Nice changes. Keep up the good work. I'm still trying to resist the envy to reinstall Nero and use CDBXP as much as possible. The on-the-fly burning of non-ISO files is still a must I just can't live without. hope this will come soon.
  2. Flo : that's exactly what I mentionned in my initial post : what I want to do is to create a CD image from a CD and building file by file, even if valid as a workaroud for certain type of data, is not what I'm looking for in the end. Rather difficult to get each other to understand the other's point of view huh
  3. YES, "create an image for CD" (image being ISO or whatever format CDBXP prefer). Is there such a not-so-visible feature as "create an ISO from CD" ??
  4. The final object is, yes, to be able to make a copy of a CD. But for the moment, all I want to do is keep a set of CD images in (worst) case my team-mates and I would lose an entire set of original CDs. Don't want to make a copy of it right now.
  5. Sorry Flo is that wasn't clear Building an ISO would be, in this situation, only a workaround. That's not fully satisfying for what I want to do. Maybe the original FS is rockridge or something else and re-building an ISO is error prone.
  6. Hi there Flo. Again the first in line answering my various posts Thanks for your support. I thought of this workaround and will give it a try. I don't know exactly what the CDs I need to backup are made of. They can be used on several Unix and also on PC so I suppose they made it pretty standard ISO 8+3 filenames. But anyway, I'll be more confident with a "make an image dont-care-what-there-is-on-it" kind of feature. I guess I need to write something in the "Feat.requests" forum
  7. Hello there My aim is to backup a few original CDs from the manufacturer in case the original CD is lost (no copyright etc .. issue here. Professionnal use, unprotected, but difficult to re-order CDs). Nero allows that de facto by allowing to burn not-on-the-fly to a virtual recorder. Maybe I can use the ISO module to build an ISO image from every individual files on the original CD but that's not so easy and I'm not sure I won't lose some extended file names, file access rights and such. Can I do that with CDBXP ? If no, I guess you can move this thread to the "Feature requests"
  8. Hi there Allow me one more feature request : better RW erasing integration. Situation today : user wants to start burning on a non-blank RW media. He's kindly reminded that CDXP can't write on an existing, closed, non-blank media. Request : options menu that would allow the user to select his preferrred choice : If a non-blank, closed, RW media is found when starting burning : [ ] tell the user to get lost and erase the media before trying to burn onto it [ ] ask him (just like Nero does) if he wants CDBXP to erase it for him before the burn start [ ] don't ask, just erase then
  9. Call me dumb Thanks Flo for the quick answer. That's avery satisfying workaround. Support for direct burning (not requiring a conversion) would be cool, but that's not so much needed for me as I've got a workaround. Let me allow a suggestion for the UI : in the "Burn ISO" dialog, include in a way the tip you gave me "For NRG/CUE", convert it first by clicking _here_ Thanks again
  10. Hello again I guess the subject is pretty clear huh ? The informations displayed during burning (elapsed time, buffer status & such) is very interesting. However, it lacks a dynamic time left estimation. If I may suggest something regarding implementation : don't try to estimate remaining-time before a few percents of the process is performed so that even the first estimation won't be too far from reality. Thanks Yvonus
  11. Hi there Thanks to the author for taking the time to create a free cd-burning alternative. Looks great. My feature request is toward cue/bin burning. AT that time, this is a mandatory feature for me that will require installation of another tool only for that purpose (Alcohol, Nero ???). Would sure be nice, at least for me. Keep up the good work. Yvonus
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