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  1. OK Flo... now I've received my donor confirmation email (thank you!), where can I get hold of the latest Beta version? I can't see any link to it on either the website or here in the forums
  2. Aah yes... I remember reading that, but forgot at the time of posting! I obviously got carried away during the excitement of the moment
  3. I've just donated $10.00 to help you wi' the future development of CD-Burner XP Pro, so I thought I should register on yer forums t' introduce myself... and so that I can be recognised as a donor, and subsequently be able t' download the new Beta version of your most excellent program I hope ye can all understand my 'pidgeon English' btw!? Although I'm now living in England... I'm actually a Scotsman, and I tend t' write things as I say them... so you'll find a lot of ' in my posts I'll try and remember t' look in on these forums every now and again... and contribute if/when I can.
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