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  1. It's a bit convoluted but the first instance where I had to take a compressed file and turn it into something else---which wasn't usuable as is; ISO files do require additional work---also required that I find something to open a compressed file. Generally I can no longer lay claim to being a neophyte and, yet, here, I am. I'm not making excuses...exactly...but I've only been on the Net since 16 March 2003. I ran up against a problem I couldn't puzzle out for myself but knew someone who might be able to steer me in the right direction. He gave me HandyBits software. What'd I know? Messed up my 'puter so then I joined a help group and they directed me here. It's the only answer I've got. Now all I have to do is fix the burner. Wish it used Nero software but it doesn't. If this post is posted incorrectly, I apologize. Your format, around here, is unlike anything I've ever encountered thus far.
  2. The software would appear to be precisely what I'm looking for however, as I've only been on the Internet a little over 16 months there are many things with which I have no experience. Do you suggest that I uninstall my current software for writing ISO files to CD as a readable image file: ISO Recorder Power Toy? Further is your compession software any better, i.e., faster than the resident software with Windows XP HE? For a time I had been using Handybits Zip'n'Go. Unfortunately, though fast whether the task be compression or extraction it is fraut, as you are no doubt aware, with extemporaneous software which seems to be designed solely for the purpose of making everyone's life just a little bit worse. Correction: make that, a lot worse.
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