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  1. It's a bit convoluted but the first instance where I had to take a compressed file and turn it into something else---which wasn't usuable as is; ISO files do require additional work---also required that I find something to open a compressed file. Generally I can no longer lay claim to being a neophyte and, yet, here, I am. I'm not making excuses...exactly...but I've only been on the Net since 16 March 2003. I ran up against a problem I couldn't puzzle out for myself but knew someone who might be able to steer me in the right direction. He gave me HandyBits software. What'd I know? Messed
  2. The software would appear to be precisely what I'm looking for however, as I've only been on the Internet a little over 16 months there are many things with which I have no experience. Do you suggest that I uninstall my current software for writing ISO files to CD as a readable image file: ISO Recorder Power Toy? Further is your compession software any better, i.e., faster than the resident software with Windows XP HE? For a time I had been using Handybits Zip'n'Go. Unfortunately, though fast whether the task be compression or extraction it is fraut, as you are no doubt aware, with extemp
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