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  1. This evening I burned three large (<1GB) AVI files to a DVD-R using CDBXP and during the verification stage it reported that one of the files could not be read from the disc it would have an error. Rather than recycling it as a coaster, I decided to check the "offending" file myself and it ran perfectly. What causes the verify to not work properly? It concerns me that if CDBXP was wrong when an error didn't occur, the reverse could happen in that it could say there is no error with the disc when there is one.
  2. Apologies! I'm making a bit of a hash of this! I have PM'd you with my details.
  3. I followed the Paypal donation link on your home page which according to the receipt I received from Paypal resolved to stha64 @ telia.com.
  4. OK. Which reminds me...... EDIT: Now donated via PayPal
  5. Thanks Flo - I am using 3.0.109. What is the latest version and what do the latest changes include? Is there a list somewhere?
  6. Contrary to an earlier post, I have found you can cancel during the new file verification stage. The problem pressing the button is that if there are several errors one after another it is impossible to have the focus on the cancel button long enough to interrupt the process. However, having successfully pressed the button to cancel and received the usual "are you sure" type message and replied yes, the verification process carries on (i left it for a couple of minutes), although now the cancel button is completely disabled (see attached png image). All that was left for me to do then wa
  7. As I remember, it didn't look like the button was disabled - it was just unresponsive. I don't know what tool you use to develop CDBXPP, and I'm not saying this is the answer as your two development guys will know much more than me, but I use Delphi which provides a wrapper for the Windows application object. There is a method in this object (Application.ProcessMessages) which in Delphi allows the processing of any queued Windows messages such as would occur when the Cancel button was pressed, thereby allowing the verification process to be cancelled.
  8. Following on from Flo's test on the new verification feature in v3 (see here), I have been doing some further testing myself. The first time I tried a small 500mb test to DVD, CDBXPP hung for a time during the Closing Session stage (about 3 minutes whilst the clock count also stopped). I was about to kill it as Windows Task Manager showed it as not responding but then it returned. After that it started the verification stage, but continually came up with warnings saying something like the following: About 50% of the 251 files reported this problem. Any ideas about what would hav
  9. Yes, I did thanks. It's really the label creation option I'm looking for the most. I have the label creation program that comes with PressIt! label packs. IMHO it is possibly the worst peice of software ever created! Very unintuitive and clumsy to use. I have seen a couple of freeware tools, but I haven't found any very good. The best I have seen is a commercial app called Surething. By the way, once I can remember my Paypal account details (I think I've only used it once) I intend to make a donation to the ongoing development of CDBXPP. I think you guys are doing a really good job.
  10. Thanks Flo again for your excellent help. Believe me, the level of your support is way ahead of that which I have so far received from Roxio on the verification errors I have had after using their tool in Easy Media Creator 7. Apart from that, the one thing I really like about their package is the included Label Creator tool which makes producing labels and media case inserts a breeze. It's a shame CDBXPP doesn't come with something similar, but I realise that is far from your main priority. By all means, stay focused on what you are good at. At the end of the day, I want to depend on bac
  11. Is that because the method of burning and verifying with CDBXPP is the same as Nero? What is the difference with Roxio? Also, what happens if there is a verification error with CDBXPP - does it say what files have not verified correctly?
  12. Maybe implementing the idea of backing up using checkbox selection as I have suggested would be a good step for now without needing to do incremental backing up and things like that yet. Something like this could form the start of the backup tool as this is the sort of file/folder selection that would normally be used for a backup.
  13. Thanks for your reply - yes, the same. I just checked the details I wrote down about the verification errors Roxio had and it was 70. Nero as I said amounted to 6 - which is still 6 too many. So how certain can I be about CDBXPP's 100% success rate?
  14. I have read in previous posts prior to v3 that the reason a proper backup feature has not been included CDBXPP is due to the burning engine. Have any changes been made to this in v3? I know a full backup tool has been talked about as a future option. How far off is this now? I don't know if this suggestion is dependent on further changes to including a backup tool or could be incorporated now or soon, but I think it would be really useful to be able to select folders by checking and unchecking boxes alongside them in the folder tree similar to that used in Microsoft's backup tool and als
  15. Using v3.0.109 I have backed up a lot of folders from "My Documents" on my XP Home based computer. I notice reviewing the burned DVD that some of the folders labelled "My ..." on my hard drive have been renamed to "Peter's ..." on the DVD. Those renamed are the standard XP folders: "My Documents", "My Pictures" and "My Music" whilst other folders that I have created such as "My Websites" are unchanged". Why is this? I don't understand the reasoning behind this. Thanks, Peter
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