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  1. That would be great, so I can use this program for regular burning and for automated tasks also. Greetings, DaLiMan
  2. Hi, Are there Command Line parameters available? I checked the HELP on-line but didn't find any. If there aren't, this might be a good idea for the future.
  3. Goodmorning y'all, I'm having a little problem with getting the CD album info from FreeDB. I now have 2 discs wich don't extract the right data from this site. I've been there this morning and searched for these albums and they where there. So how can I get: CD1 - the wrong CD info. (ZZ Top - Deg├╝ello ; ids.70080b0a ) CD2 - Nothing at all. (ZZ Top - Recycler ; ids.8409590a) Can someone help me inporting the data in CDBXPP v3.0.113 10X, DaLiMan
  4. Bummer. Have to wait then. Any idea about what time ??
  5. I use the V3.0.113, but the Editor isn't available. Is there a problem with it?
  6. OK, thanks for your reply. Next version was scheduled in about a week? I can hardly wait!!!
  7. During installation [almost at the end i think] it gives this error and says something about a desktop.ini file in the folder P:\My CDBXP Project\desktop.ini which cannot be updated. Verify it excists and that you can access it. Wel I did verify that it exists and sinds i have admin rights accessing may not be a problem.
  8. Is there a know cure for this error? I have admin rights, but still it won't intall completely. PS: Is there a way to get v3 beta?
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