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  1. I have found a bug when burning an audio cd CDBXP does not error during the creation process however if i added 17 tracks only 10 show when the cd is played and only a few of the songs play ok i tried this using 2 different systems with the same problem. Just wanted to report this i figured someone may have already
  2. I just wanted to say i have been using the new 3.5 version and i agree flo i have not encountered any problems as of yet seems to be pretty stable so far Cannot wait to try the 1:1 copy feature this has been for me personally the holy gail feature i have been waiting for and for others also from what i have seen in the forum. to stefan, Fredrik, flo you guys are awesome this burning app is better than any commerical bloatware on the market Mike
  3. Thanks Flo for the update . I will be looking forward to the new version i figured that it may have been bug issues. Thanks Again for the info i will check back soon
  4. I know has been mentioned before and flo commented on it. about a upcoming new version 3.5. That the development is slow and i think he said it would be a long time before a new alpha or public version is released. I was wondering thought are the developers going slow due to lack of time?, the MS release of Vista are they waiting for this? bug issues ? a combination ? i think that CDBXPPRO is a wonderful app and i have used it for a long time however the new features that are in 3.5 i realty need and cannot wait to give them a try Thanks Faithful CDBXPPRO user Mike
  5. The 1:1 copy feature will be in the next version 3.5
  6. Flo, i was going to install the public alpha release and when i run the installer it is only seeing if you have .net 1.1 i am using the .net 2.0 pre release from MS so my question is will the final release of CDBXPPro support the 2.0 .net framework THanks Mike
  7. i cannot wait to see the new 3.5 i am pumped
  8. I don't hate microsoft but i do wish they would do alot of things differently any way if the dude wants to mouth off about .net then you guys are right in saying he will lose out of a great prog his choice
  9. Hello everyone, i am posting this in the general because i am inquiring about lacie drives i am considering purchasing a USB double layer dvd burner and i was wondering if anyone has had success using this company with cdbxpp i hate to buy the drive and then have to return it if does not work
  10. thanks for the gmail invite flo mike
  11. flo, i would like a gmail invite email to mliskanich@ohiovalleycu.org also can not wait till cdbxpp 3.5 release! looking forward to all the wonderful changes and features
  12. I agree with flo i currently use other apps that run .net with NO Problems i think that is is great that cdbxpp is going to use .net the platform will mature and will take a little time but it will happen all i can say is try it then if you don't like it then don't use it its that simple
  13. personally i use between 5/10 apps that require .net and have found no problem with them so i think that the developers are making a very wise decison on moving to the platform it will be better in the long run
  14. i was thinking someting like Burn Pro or something that neither references media type cd dvd etc and also does not imply OS like the xp anyway it is still a GREAT program no matter what you call it
  15. Redoo, my 52x is also supported same manfacturer but my new 54x is not! critical error when scanning buses cdrw may be busy some older drives are not supported pretty much cdbxp cannot see my drive i hope that the final of ver 3 will fix this thanks
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