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  1. I don't know what the Engine Force Utily is. I only know that, thank God, it worked for me! Ask Roxio for the particulars, for they are offering it on their Website. Robert
  2. Fortunately, I just found the solution: Download and install the Engine force utility, which is found at the following location: <http://softwareupdates.roxio.com/gm/support/tools/engforce.exe> Don't worry, be happy! Robert
  3. It's totally dead. No reaction, no movement, nothing. Thanks for your persistence and warm regards, Robert
  4. Yes, I tried rebooting (several times), but it did not help. I understand that it is very difficult for you to determine the cause of this error at a distance, so if you don't know its cause let's leave this matter where it is. I'll just muddle along until I find its solution by chance. Thanking you for your efforts so far, with warm regards, Robert
  5. No, as I said I was not able to open CDBurnerXP Pro at all!
  6. Thanks for your fast reaction! The program does not react at all! No error messages, just NOTHING! With warm regards, Robert
  7. I have installedboth WMFDist.exe, Windows Media Player 9 and, of course, the latest version of CDBurnerXP Pro (3.0.109). I am running Windows 98 SE on my Pentium 4, but CDBurnerXP Pro refuses to start up, in spite of a flawless installation. What could the cause be?
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