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  1. dl the later ver and it's good but i do have one more question what is the difference between disk at once & session at once!
  2. yes that will be done in the am, thanks again
  3. again thank for the help but i couldn't find ether of the methods you mentioned if it helps i have ver 2.2.8, there’s no hurry i have to go out now, well it is friday and it getting late (20:55 gmt) i should be in a pub somewhere again good program, keep up the good work
  4. thanks for the speedy replay i'l try it
  5. if you mean you'v dl some avi's and want to make dvd’s out of them then there’s two way i do it, the first get a copy of ulead dvd moviefactory 3 and just follow the wizard, second, and a more flex able, got a copy of tmpgenc and user that to convert the avi to mpg and then user another program called tmpgenc dvd author to make into dvd format and finally use cdburnerxp to burn onto dvd. seems complicated but it not
  6. a mate at work suggested that i try cdburnerxp (we’ve both been using nero for years) and i must say i’m very impressed the only thing i would request is the ability to change the gap size between tracks like nero the ability to change to gap size from 0 – 2 seconds would be a really boost to the program, i’ve check in the help and there seems no way of doing this but if i’m wrong would somebody point me in the right direction on how to do it if not will this be available in further!
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