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  1. I've started translation too, I'm about 40% done.
  2. That still not work corectly. Other album is in CD-RW and other displaying in information dialog. I tested this in work on Win2k3 and in my home on WinXP Pro... CD-EX display it corectly using the same freedb server. Anybody got the same problem???
  3. I can't find this option, maybe I'm blind... I see only "Get CD information from FreeDB On Disc Insertion Or Refreshing", but this not work.
  4. I put in CD album "Aeorosmith - Permanent Vacation" and CDBXP read as Mariah Carey... I have the same problem with other Albums like Rolling Stones and Guns N' Roses. Everything is wrong read... Another problem, in dialog box "curren drive" I see HDD. Here is PrintScreen. My system is Windows Server 2003 with all updateds...
  5. I have problem with freedb, wrong names are resolved in this version. I tested on 3 cd-audio discs. In programs like cd-ex or nero is no problem...
  6. I can translate v. 3.0.109 in Polish, I have Restorator, what files I must unpack and translate?? What packer is use, UPX?? P.S. Sorry for my English...
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