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  1. I think that for a 32x cd-rw disk the speeds shown in the drop box sholud be 16x 24x and 32x.For a 4x dvd+rw disk the speed shown should be 2,4x and 4x.
  2. Don't know if it is really a bug..when i am ready to burn a disk i have noticed that in the drop box where i can select the burn speed,there are some strange or duplicate speed.For example with a dvd+rw rated at 4x speed,the drop box gives two times 1x speed,2 times 2x speed,two times 3x speed and finally 4x speed.For example with a cd-rw verbatim rated at 32x it gives strange write speed.In Nero burn speed are normal (2,4x - 4x for dvd+rw and 16 x - 24x - 32x for cd-rw like it should be).I have a combo liteon driver SOHC-5232k and a SOHW-832s dvd burner on two separate channels.I use latest b
  3. Sorry,but i have donated a week ago and i can't access beta forum yet .Are there problems?
  4. I have just donated 5 usd for you guys with email address used to sign in in this forum.Please let me access the beta forum..thanx (nluca80@hotmail.com)
  5. What about a option for "bitsetting" for dvd+r/rw making these recognized as dvd-rom?The compatibility of the medium with a lot of home dvd player would be improved..
  6. Hello,what about to add the option to remove the startup splash screen?
  7. If this feature will be implemented i'll throw away Nero immediately
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