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  1. OK - I'll look into that... I have some techy-er friends than me so I'll see what they think... Much obliged!
  2. I've tried different CD makes and types - and Nero and DeepBurner and it seems to do exactly the same crash at the same point on the CD... I thought it may be lack of space on my HD but I've cleared a load off... And it doesn't matter which files I do.... I appreciate it's probably not your software, but i really need any help I can get with this - thanks!
  3. Apologies - the actual error I'm getting is : Writing Error (3) - NT Disc I/O operation failed (1054) - Error Sense Data : SENSE KEY: FF ASC: 4 ASCQ: 5D Cheers!
  4. Really like your software - looks excellent, and feels great, but I have a real problem when I try and burn either data or audio CD's. EVERY time I try and burn something, it fails at 13% with an unknown error (3) - Error code (1005) I think. I may have been driven clinically insane by this by the time anyone can kindly answer... but any help/ comments would be greatly appreciated! I'm going through CD's like water at the moment! Thanks!
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