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  1. I installed v3.0.116 on Win2003-enterprise-SP1 Then I attached an USB cd burner and started CDburnerXP. Then I selected "Create new audio CD" in the dialog, which was followed by an error dialog. (see attached picture) When I clicked the "Report Error" button, another dialog appeared, telling me that it will gather some info. I click OK and then get another error (see second picture). Tht second error then repeat, as I try to report it ...
  2. What do you mean "maybe" ? There _is_ a problem detecting the speeds.
  3. CDBrunerXP 3.0.116 I try to burn a DVD+RW from an ISO image. When I click "Write Disc" in the "Write ISO Image" dialog an dialog pops up saying "The loaded disc is not empty. Please insert an ampty disc and try again" The DVd is empty. I erased it with Nero. Then I erased it with CDBurnerXP. Then I exited CDBurnerXP and started it again. It still claims the DVD is not empty help ! The DVD burner is an LG GSA-4163 with firmware A102 in an external USB case. The medium is GIGAmaster 4x DVD+RW. PS: CDBurner XP does not correctly detect the available speeds, which should be 2,4x and 4x for this medium. It shows instead everything from 1x to 4x.
  4. Didn't you say in another thread, that there are no plans for changing the pause from the default 2 seconds to something else ? What is the current state then ? Can the pause be changed or not ???
  5. What is this NMSaccess thing ? A service ? I believe some changes in the registry are enough for CD-burner access. It is just that the those changes are undocumented and nobody knows them
  6. I burned a cd ( Fedore Core 3 cd1 ) with v115 and it was OK. Then upgraded to v116 and burned the cds 2,3 and 4, and they all have read errors at the last few sectors. This is on windows 2000 pro SP4, burner is LiteOn LTR-48125S firmware 1S05 I used the "Write Disc from ISO FIle..." option and set the "Finalize Disc" option.
  7. In the Write ISO Image dialog, the ISO file can not be entered manually ( the text box is read-only ). Can you please change that ? Regards, xerces8
  8. Same with 3.0.116 It also happened, that I inserted a blasnk CD, closed the Write ISO dialog, selected it again from menu File/ Write disc from ISO file ... And again it calimed, that it is not empty. Pressing RETRY makes no change, I have to close the entire WriteISO dialog and open it again.
  9. I burned a CD from ISO file. Put in another ( empty ) CD-R , selected another ISO image, pressed "Write Disc" and it gives a dialog , claiming the Cd is not empty. Options are Retry/Cancel. If I close the "Write ISO image" dialog and open it again, then it works. CDBrunerXP Pro 3.0 115 on Windows 2000 pro SP4
  10. When will that be ? ( v3.5 I mean ) days, weeks, months, ( years ) ?
  11. He probably means closing an open ( multisession ) disk. With other words: finalize
  12. How compatible is that ( over 64 characters ) ? Does it work in all windows versions ?
  13. - start CDBurnerXP - select "make data CD" in the dialog ( the first option ) - select menu File / Write Disc from ISO File ...
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