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  1. Hi cheers, TurboTax correctly blames Microsoft and their .Net Framework. At the same time can you imagine if all users who's Apps. are broken because of MS's mess would receive refund from vendors? It's definitely not easy and probably hopeless but it's necessary that vendors demand answers from MS. The MS installer v4.5 you mentioned is good & correct thing to have, but that doesn't help for sure (been there) In any case as I see it, you have to try uninstalling Framework 3.5 SP1 and your Apps will work again. I tried that few times already. You may have difficulties though, since 3.5 was not installed correctly. In my scenario case there's never problem install/unistall it. I never use on-line updates though - I'm always downloading full standalone setup package. Well, if you find any info/suggestions please tell. I'll do the same. My regards
  2. Hi Cheers, I have the similar problem (without the message though). Since you mentioned Windows Updates I may say that if in one of the recent updates you accepted .Net Framework 3.5 SP1 that can break many applications, which are using .Net Framework v2. Some of them like CDBurnerXP quit silently, others like Ketarin will through exception, another type of errors from different apps would be "cannot be initialized"... and so on The story is actually very long and that is under investigation by Microsoft. Basically what I found that it is SP1 to blame. In may case if I am uninstalling SP1 for 3.5 Applications using Framework v2 will come alive again. Currently I have to uninstall whole 3.5 since there is no separate SP1 entry anymore in add/remove as previously. There are some applications which are using framework 3.5 with similar behavior too. They will just show splash screen and quit. Others will work fine. I don't know whether Olympus Master you mentioned is using Framework, but Olympus Raw Image processing does as I can see from description out there. There is no cure yet (I've been some places, believe me - even Aaron Stebner's special Framework Tools don't help) from MS. Another bad thing is that Microsoft breaks something (possibly permissions) which could be very individual depending on given system configuration. In some sources for developers there are advices how to recompile .Net Framework v2 applications, so some incompatibility issues are fixed... but sure that is not a solution for users who are just downloading and installing Software like CDBurnerXP. So was .Net Framework 3.5 SP1 installed recently? I know that that is not much help especially if you did install 3.5 SP1 and need to keep it. My regards
  3. Hi Guys, Probably I am missing something, but it seems like there is no way to make 1-1 DVD video copy. Data DVD sure not the one. If copy like that it can be played on computer but not with "normal" (not always ) DVD-player. May be there is some option but it is not obvious I have 2 dvd drives on PC, so it would be nice to copy DVD video disk from 1 to another Thanks in advance
  4. Hi Flo, It doesn't make a difference if the said config file is present in Ketarin's directory... unless you meant something different As for "Google hint at it", is there any new info for me to read ? Where is the hint ? Cheers
  5. Thanks for reply, Flo. First, sorry for misspelling Ketarin. (this board doesn't have Edit ...hmmm) As for Framework. Bad luck. As you know I have the latest (3.5 SP1) and installed properly. The A.Stebner's cleaner used as well but just to prove the fact. SP1 of 3.5 will break all Framework 2 applications. If I uninstall SP1 they work again. Framework 2 always was the clearest to insatall, meaning never reported any issues when using Aaron's Framework integrity checkup Utility. Few notes about the FAQ link you provided. 1) it referres to Framework 3.0 as the latest, which is not (and frameworks 3 & 2 should be with SP2). 2) the advice to uninstall Comodo Firewall was the most surprising thing (Why??) It is the best firewall ever. CDbunerXP always worked with Comodo, staring from version 2. Now it is the latest 3 with Defense+ (HIPS) ... no issues with burner. ... but the latest framework unfortunately is a problem somehow. No answers from MS yet. My regards
  6. Hi Flo, This is just an introduction page. Can we expect Discussion/Bugs and other pages for Keratin? Cheers P.S. Meanwhile, what could this mean at the prog. startup? "Could not create or load the database file: The type initializer for 'System.Transactions.Diagnostics.DiagnosticTrace' threw an exception."
  7. Hi Flo, I'm glad you liked it. I hope Bill will like it even more because he needs it ... Now! You don't! Cheers
  8. Hi Bill, First avoid writings as much as possible at that disc. I hope you do. This one is very good free (the same "Piriform production" as CCleaner) http://www.recuva.com/ when downloading and installing use another partition (again I hope you have that one too) or even better try Portable http://www.pendriveapps.com/2007/03/08/recuva-portable-file-recovery-tool/ I can post a few more if you need but this one is the best from what I've tried actually the last link has several portable tools for recovery. You can try just scan with few to get only the list of those files considered "in a good recoverable shape" Then use the tool which gives more files flagged like that. Once again you better recover into different drive. I think most of the tools if not all have this option. This way you may be able to recover maximum in combination of using several Utilities Cheers
  9. Thanks Strictly, saying it may not be considered as "solved" having some blurry info about Security Policies regarding the service in question without proper detailed explanations and testing some areas of CDBurnerXP, which look like functioning fine when service is Disabled for sure is not an answer, but rather a guess that it may not be needed. At the same time being so "unfortunate" to come from a programming world and having experience with computers tell me that service shouldn't have been introduced "just because...". So it would be nice to know when it is important to stay alive and when it may be ignored/disabled without any implications. Cheers
  10. Flo, I have to apologize, as I see it now. I looked back to my previous post and this sentence of mine: "I'll find the answer somewhere else " sounds not right.... Sorry...English is not my first language... I did not mean to offend you But after the revision I see that it could be taken as a bit rude or at least having negative flavour I hope you understand and will accept the apology. my regards SwampCat
  11. thanks Flo, the link you provided brings me to the same page I've seen already 6 posts • Page 1 of 1 I'll find the answer somewhere else or by experimenting take care {Edited} spent 3.75 minutes Service disabled... Box Restarted Files added to multi-session Data CD and verified successfully... Other stuff will check later Thanks
  12. Hi Flo, Thanks for reply Yes that's what I did prior to posting initial message ... "this is bug" - that is how one request ended ???? and another talks about msi and Manual installation and stuff ???? but I am the only user so why of Security Policies should bother me to access CD/DVD ???? Let's say... I have the same question as posted initially. My regards
  13. Greetings all, Found NMSAccessU service set as Automatic. .....\CDBurnerXP\NMSAccessU.exe I googled searching for it' description. The information written "out there" wasn't very clear. Some said it may be set manual.. some advices are to disable... found one stating that it's kinda even a bug that it is listed as a service. So I decided to ask here: do we need NMSAccessU service, what for specifically, and if we do - should it be Auto or Manual? Thanks in advance My regards
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