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  1. to disable that go in to internet explorer, tools>internet options>advanced> tick "disable script debugging". That'll stop it.
  2. Yeah thats the similar sort of thing. If you seek to the end of the track do you have the begining of the next track on the end? (P.S i forgot to mention i am also using Disc at Once.)
  3. I think it looks ok, though i must admit i did prefer flo's idea. However from what i can assume from the screenshot i'm guessing you double click the option you want? If that is the case perhaps you could add a "OK" button next to the cancel for those less experienced to click. Still keep the double click select option as well so's not to annoy those more advanced. (If i'm wrong, ignore me! )
  4. no. it was ok up untill the 8th track, which was an .ogg file (converted to normal Audio CD) and it glitched and i got the track finishing, then i had 2 seconds of the next track on the end of the track, then it paused, track continued. This continued for the rest of the CD.
  5. Today when I burnt an audio CD i noticed that when i added an ogg audio file to the track list it decoded a section wrong, basically skipping 2 seconds. Becuase of this skip of ~2 seconds the first 2 seconds of the next track are on the end of the current track. No other software has any problem decoding the perticular ogg file including nero. What gives? if needs be i can possibly upload the file. Thanks.
  6. I've noticed that its not confined to start-up. It also freezes whilst the program is in CD-Rip mode and states "initializing CD-drives" then is fine after ~3mins
  7. Thats kinda what i was trying to get at... didn't quite get there tho! However i still prefer the kinda of thing you (flo) created in a screenshot, its hardly clutter is it, more exprienced users would simply ignore it. I mean you've still got the big buttons.
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