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  1. That's good! I was BTW the gast 2 post ago! Do you have any information about when the next release will be released?
  2. i also tried a DVD+R and DVD-R now. They do the closing even faster starts finish in about 3 seconds...
  3. Ok i will try some other mediums! Could it be to do something with the mediaID? like RicohR03 or something?
  4. Hi, My NEC 1300A can go at these speeds: 1.0x, 2.0x, 2.4x, 4x (on dvd+r or dvd-r) 2.4x (dvd+rw or dvd-rw) but i can't select a greater speed then 2.0x, what can i do about it?
  5. Hello, First of all nice program. I have a problem with dvd iso burning. When i make an iso from a dvd with DVD Decrypter and try to burn it in CDBXP P then i got the following error: CDBurnerXP Pro Critical The media is not writable. Please insert a writable media and try again I tried it on a Philips DVD+RW.
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