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  1. Hello, I did so with no improvment. The sequence is still wrong. BTW I use the 115 Beta
  2. Hello, I mark all the fmp3 files and drop them into ther cd layout and the, in the cd layout, the sequence is wrong.
  3. Hello, I burn my mp3 audio books to an audio cd to hear them on the car cd player. There are normally mp3- files which are titled and numbered for each cd. The first file is named 1-1, the 2nd is named 1-2 and so on. When I copvert the mp3 files to audio format the sequence of files is always wrong, e. g. 1-4; 1-2; 1-3, 1-1.... Of course I can correct it manually but some times I forget it... Is there an option to sort them automatically?
  4. Hello, I was the second gast. I'm really looking forward to the next release. Please release it fast
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