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  1. you could use your Sound Recorder and record from the speakers instead of the mic and then you will just need to convert it to MP3 yourself and name the files etc. A bit hard, but that is a way it will work. Or record it to a casette if you have one.
  2. if someone can tell me how to reliably remove the nforce drivers I will test the Windows drivers again, I tried Uninstalling and also directly changing drivers in device manager. I'm pretty sure it will give the same results.
  3. This is not related to CD BurnerXP but it is related to burning CDs, so I thought it might be useful to a few of you and generally a good source of info for the MANY people who have this problem (i've been googling my butt off trying to work this out and founds lots of people have the same problems). This kind of thing is hard for a noob like me to work out and even harder to think up the right words to stick in a search engine to get useful info on, so here goes. CD-RW LTR-48125W Secondary Master on Gigabyte Motherboard GA-7N400 pro 2 (PCB rev 2.0) Driver NVIDIA nForce 2 ATA Controlle
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