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  1. Beta 115 works OK on my Nec 2510: no dvd speed duplication in drop box. (but some reported speeds inside this drop box don't work, for example should a 2.4x DVD+RW be presented with 4x speed?) I didn't look at the CD speeds...
  2. AlV

    only folders added

    Indeed. As I stated in my bug report elsewhere in this forum, 3 beta115 works without the drag'n'drop problem on my windows 98SE. Thanks!
  3. The problem with drag'n'drop disappeared in version 3 beta115 on my Windows 98SE Thanks!
  4. AlV

    only folders added

    I'll stay tuned too...
  5. Ah, he answered and his problem, which seems quite like mine, appears on WinXP SP2 (not Win98SE)... Even more confusing
  6. Thanks for your answer. But, I fail to understand what's going on with my Win98SE... I'll get Win98 (not SE) from a friend of mine to try and see if bare Win98 works. This could validate the need for some upgrades from Microsoft. Still very strange. P.S. Too bad davisnw did not answer Flo's question in topic "adding folders to iso image does not add files!"; I'm curious to know which Windows version he uses since he seems to have the same problems as I have...
  7. Hello, First things first: thank you for your reply But, I am quite surprised as it goes against what I have observed... Are you certain that this is Win98SE? Would you be so kind as to check your Win98 version against this page, please? http://perso.wanadoo.fr/tmcd2/Versions.htm For example, my Win98SE version is 4.10.2222 A And second question: did you install any "patch"? Have a nice day.
  8. Yeah, nice... (getting Win98 from my friend: one week at least; removing disk and installing old disk: 10minutes; erasing disk, installing Win98: 2 hours; testing 10 minutes; putting back everuthing in place: 10 minutes) I have another idea Is there anybody out there using CDBurnerXP Pro 3 113beta on Win98(not SE)? Or, at least being able to test it on Win98(not SE). BTW, a CD/DVD recorder is not needed for testing the drag'nDrop Big bright idea, heh? Sorry for shouting... 480 people read this topic: I hope someone is still using Win98...
  9. So, today is tomorrow, if you see what I mean... I installed Windows 98SE on an old 1.6GB IDE disk salvaged from a dying poor little HP (Pentium 233). I added nothing to the bare Win98SE installation but InstMSIA.exe ( http://download.microsoft.com/download/ ... stMsiA.exe ) No Graphics card driver, no sound, no ethernet, no pr0n viewer, nothing whatsoever but the aforementionned program that is required by CDBurnerXP Pro 3 113 beta installation program. Then, I installed CDBurnerXP Pro 3 113beta, launched it, dragged c:\Windows from the upper frame, dropped it in lower frame and
  10. I found an even older backup (27/11/2003) but it didn't work better Tomorrow, I'll install a fresh Win98SE on another disk (that's much longer than using dd to backup current system state and restore an older one) Good night.
  11. One of my friends is still alive and uses Windows 98 (not SE). Today, I tried CDBurnerXP Pro 3 beta113 on his Windows 98 PC: it works. So either, something is broken in my Windows 98SE installation or there's a subtle (?) difference between 98 and 98SE. I'll make some more tests...
  12. As a first step, I reverted my Win98se installation to one dating back to december 2003. (I knew that was a good idea to keep system backups) I reinstalled CDBurnerXP 3 113beta and drag'n'drop didn't work any better back in december 2003 On a sidenote, I thought I had kept a "freshly installed" bare Win98se system on a CD, but I just can't put my hands on it (must have forgotten to effectively put it on a CD) I suppose I could completely erase my Win98se installation and reinstall it from scratch, but I'm feeling soooo tired just imagining that... Am I the last one still using W
  13. A friend of mine also tried it (not on W98se) Drag'n'drop works on his Windows 2000 SP4. And no, I won't buy W2k just to CDBurnerXP Pro 3 113beta to work...
  14. Hello, When I try to drag a folder from the top (left or right part) frame to the compilation, it only takes the folder, but no file or subfolder inside it... For example, I have a folder named Archives with many subfolders and files inside that I want put put on a DVD+RW: the folder size is about 4.1GB. When I drag this folder in the compilation frame, it appears as a 0.75MB folder without anything inside. I uninstalled version 3 113beta version and reverted to the 2.2.9 version and it works like a charm (that is dragndrop from the upper frame to the lower frame works). What's
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