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  1. I just went to the downloads page, and saw at the bottom something that says that future versions of CDXPPro will need the .NET framework. Please say it isn't so! Anyways I would prefer that CDXPPro will not require it, unless there are some advantages (if the devs chose this there of course are some). Of course what I want makes no matter...
  2. Thanks. Yes! I just finished burning an audio CD with CDBXP, listened to it, and am VERY impressed! The burning process was faster (and looked more impressive ) than that of MusicMatch Jukebox's built-in funcation, which I have been using for months now. It worked flawlessly. The first track had some jitters, but that was my fault. Great job on that feature!
  3. This isn't a bugs report or anything. I was just wondering (I don't want to waste a CD-R seeing what happens) what format of audio the audio burner option uses. Does it take any music format and convert it to CDA format, then burn it (like MusicMatch Jukebox)? Or does it just burn the file like the regular data option? Thanks in advance.
  4. No, since I didn't want to try out the beta version 3.0.113 or whatever it is. I tried it out and it worked ok, thanks. And I found the FAQ section after posting...
  5. Well I'm using an HP CD R/RW writer Plus, 9300 series. I attempted to burn a data disk (regular Sony CD-R, not a cheapo), and towards somewhere in the actual burning process as indicated on the status bar, it ejects the CD-R and gives me an "Error -102!" What is error 102? I tried using different CD-R disk, but that didn't help. I thought of formatting the disk using the software that came with my CD burner, then using CDBXP to burn data, but that didn't work. What can I do to fix this? I tried searching but couldn't find an answer.
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