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  1. How do I go about doing that? I re-copied the files from the original, functional CD, and that didnt do anything. Is there a way to check the integrity of the CD?
  2. Hey everyone! I've been using CDBurnerXP Pro 3.0.113 for about a week now, to great effect. However, I have been so far unable to successfully burn a Windows 2000 boot disk that has the lastest service pack slipstreamed into the install. The boot disk gives the option to boot to CD, and it seems to boot up fine - loads all the device drivers and gets all the way to the point where it says "setup is starting windows". Then, it spits out a BSOD - STOP: 0x0000006B PROCESS_INITIALIZATION_FAILED. I looked up the error on the MS website, and it said to grab the latest service pack - w
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