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  1. Hi All, I am selling a lot of Plextor PX-230A to my customers. Problem: 3.0.116 doesn't recognize the drive. Is there a way for me to make a customer entry in some ini or other file that would allow the PX-230A to work with 3.0.116 (okay: yes, I know the PX-230A comes with Diet Roxio, but Roxio's quality is really, really bad!) Many thanks, --Tony
  2. 24 Meg and works on all of Uncle Bill's stuff. except w95. Not too scary.
  3. What do you mean by " .NET Framework?" 1) where do you go to downloaod it? 2) how big is it? 3) does it run on Me and w9x? --Tony
  4. Hi All, I am using 3.0.116 on w2k-p, sp4. I have a directory on my hard drive that I constantly burn to a CD-R. As of yesterday, CDBXPP is cap'ing my directoy names and shortening them to 8 & 3. It is doing the same thing with my file names, except is is getting a little more fancy. E.g.: firewall.external.rules ==> FIREWALL.RUL firewall.rules ==> FIREWALL.1.RUL Does anyone know what is going on and how to fix it? Many thanks,. --Tony
  5. Hi All, Please forgive the slightly off topic nature of this post. But, I know you guys know the answer! I am using cd BurnerXP Pro V 3.0.116, a Plextor 52/24/52A IDE CD-RW, Windows 2000 SP4, and Memorix Ultra CD-RW disks. Problem: after writing on them twice and eraseing them twice (sometimes three times),I a get a lot of "Verify" errors when writing to them. I have tried both the quick and the complete erase with no symptom change. Question: Does the "RW" in CD-RW mean good for two erasures? Arn't they supposed to be erased several times? Am I missin
  6. Hi All, Not to ask too stupid a question, but is there an open source (or other) alternative to Roxio's bug riddled Direct CD? Many thanks, --Tony aewell@gbis.com
  7. Request for Enhancement: Hi All, I hope this is the correct forum to post this to. If not, would some kind individual please direct me to the correct one. Background: I am on site consultant. I carry four CD-R's with me to my customer's sites. (CD-R's as some older readers will not handle CD-RW's.) These disks contain various utilities, service packs, manuals, directions, etc.. On my hard drive, I have four directories with the master contents of these four CD-R. I use these four directories to update my CD-R's on a weekly basis. I leave the sessions open.
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