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  1. Hi All, I am selling a lot of Plextor PX-230A to my customers. Problem: 3.0.116 doesn't recognize the drive. Is there a way for me to make a customer entry in some ini or other file that would allow the PX-230A to work with 3.0.116 (okay: yes, I know the PX-230A comes with Diet Roxio, but Roxio's quality is really, really bad!) Many thanks, --Tony
  2. 24 Meg and works on all of Uncle Bill's stuff. except w95. Not too scary.
  3. What do you mean by " .NET Framework?" 1) where do you go to downloaod it? 2) how big is it? 3) does it run on Me and w9x? --Tony
  4. Hi All, I am using 3.0.116 on w2k-p, sp4. I have a directory on my hard drive that I constantly burn to a CD-R. As of yesterday, CDBXPP is cap'ing my directoy names and shortening them to 8 & 3. It is doing the same thing with my file names, except is is getting a little more fancy. E.g.: firewall.external.rules ==> FIREWALL.RUL firewall.rules ==> FIREWALL.1.RUL Does anyone know what is going on and how to fix it? Many thanks,. --Tony
  5. Hi All, Please forgive the slightly off topic nature of this post. But, I know you guys know the answer! I am using cd BurnerXP Pro V 3.0.116, a Plextor 52/24/52A IDE CD-RW, Windows 2000 SP4, and Memorix Ultra CD-RW disks. Problem: after writing on them twice and eraseing them twice (sometimes three times),I a get a lot of "Verify" errors when writing to them. I have tried both the quick and the complete erase with no symptom change. Question: Does the "RW" in CD-RW mean good for two erasures? Arn't they supposed to be erased several times? Am I missing something? What is the spec for re-writes? And, if these disks are just cheezy (poor quality), which RW's do you guys use and how many times can you expect to erase them? Many thanks, --Tony
  6. Hi All, Not to ask too stupid a question, but is there an open source (or other) alternative to Roxio's bug riddled Direct CD? Many thanks, --Tony aewell@gbis.com
  7. Request for Enhancement: Hi All, I hope this is the correct forum to post this to. If not, would some kind individual please direct me to the correct one. Background: I am on site consultant. I carry four CD-R's with me to my customer's sites. (CD-R's as some older readers will not handle CD-RW's.) These disks contain various utilities, service packs, manuals, directions, etc.. On my hard drive, I have four directories with the master contents of these four CD-R. I use these four directories to update my CD-R's on a weekly basis. I leave the sessions open. When the disks fill up, I start over with a fresh disk Problem: under version 3.0.113, when I import these directories into my previous session, duplicate entries are handled by a pop up window in with the following options (buttons): Yes No Replace All Replace None The only way this allows for the import of changed items (newer items), is by answering "Yes" and analyzing the dates, one-at-a-time for several hundred files. It is easier just to make a new disk! :'( Request for enhancement (Solution): replace the "Yes, No, ..." prompt with the following buttons: Overwrite Overwrite If Newer Rename Skip And, add a check box underneath, with the following: Apply to all subsequent item Additional comment. If any "FileZilla" (http://sourceforge.net/projects/filezilla/) fans out there notice I am suggestion FileZilla's method of coping with duplicates, you are correct. And, since FileZilla is Open Source, some of its code could be analyzed to help implement the above request. (By the way, I never did figure out what FileZilla meant by "Resume." Resume what? Resume, as in "replace" or resume as in "skip." But, that is a story for another forum.) I sincerely appreciate you considering my suggestion. Many thanks, --Tony aewell@gbis.com
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