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  1. This is a rehash from the General Forum: I've set my display DPI settings to Custom. As a result, the DropBox button is not displayed. Setting DPI to Normal or Large does not affect the DropBox button. Only Custom causes a problem. It would be helpful if a ToolBar Icon or Menu Item(preferably a ToolBar Icon) could be added to launch the DropBox. FWIW, I'm using Custom DPI settings as Normal makes things a little hard for me to read, and Large causes some programs to not display properly. Changing screen resolution causes similar problems for me. OS is XP Home SP2. Thanks. ---burnerboy27
  2. FYI, I also had the same problem, except I was burning CD-RWs using 3.0.113. Upgraded to 3.0.115 and the problem was resolved. ---burnerboy27
  3. Ummmm....How would you do that(put more on than CDBXPP allows)? I'm also using 80min/700MB discs. Thanks. ---burnerboy27
  4. I've downloaded & installed CDBurnerXP Pro vers 3.0.115. After reading through the Help files, I read that To activate DropBox, press the blue button you find at top right in CD layout. Welll...I don't have a blue button there. There's a blank empty spot in the top right of CD layout that I assume is where the button would be. But no button, and clicking there doesn't do anything. How do I get the button? OS is XP Home SP2. Thanks. ---burnerboy27 *****Update***** Ok, I've figured out why it's not there. Had a somewhat similar graphics issue in another program(I'd forgotten about that when I posted earlier). Turns out it's a display DPI settings issue. If DPI settings are set to either Normal or Large, the DropBox button displays normally. If I set it to Custom, the DropBox disappears. Changing screen resolution doesn't get the DropBox back, only twiddling with the DPI settings. (I've had to play around with DPI settings, as it's hard for my aging eyes to read small fonts.) So, is there anything I can do, to get the DropBox back, without changing the DPI settings, which makes things hard for me to read? Normal is too small, Large causes many screen displays to not display properly. Any help will be appreciated. If DropBox could be launched from a menu selection or toolbar choice, that could resolve the issue(would require a program change, of course). Thanks ---burnerboy27
  5. Ok thanks. Just a suggestion on the cache issue. Maybe in some future release, as an option. ---burnerboy27
  6. If I select "Cache image before writing" and am making multiple copies of the same disc, i.e., click on Write Disc, insert new disc when done, and click on Write Disc again, CDBurnerXP creates a new image each time it burns a CD. My suggestion would be to save the cached image until clicking on Done. This could be very time saving. I see no reason to create a new image each time. Why not clear the old image only when exiting the disc burnning completely? CDBurnerXP help indicates image caching is only needed when burning from different locations, like an audio CD, etc, but I found I need to cache the image even when burning data CD's from my harddrive. Otherwise, I get ton's of verify errors. If I cache - no errors. May be my system/CD drive, etc, but it works fine when I cache, I have no problems with the CD. CDBurnerXP Pro v 3.0.115. OS is WinXP Home SP2. Thanks. GREAT PROGAM, BTW ---burnerboy27
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