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  1. Really, the current name is confusing for several reasons. All that has to be done is to keep using the current domain for a couple of years. Time does not have to be wasted to change the name. If Flo sees one that he likes, he could simply start using it.
  2. I still get this problem with the Sept 30 release. Also, Nero and Windows' built-in support both report that "No further writing is possible", so I guess the finalization actually was successful, even with the discs for which I did not select the "finalize" option. Is finalization part of the ISO content, or independent?
  3. I see. It's good to see that development is so active However, the implementation still creates a new compilation. It would be more user-friendly if you stick to the document model. Clicking "Cancel" should display the main application window with no "document" loaded. The menu bar should be made visible and "File>New..." should display the same dialog that was already dismissed. Also, having a background image enabled by default does not make it obvious to the user that no "document" (compilation) is being worked with. Sorry to be so critical, but GUI's have always been my specialty. Nero's interface is particularly bad.
  4. When I want to burn a disc from an ISO image, I cancel this dialog because none of the choices are appropriate for the task: When the main window appears, the menu bar is hidden! The only way to access the "File>Write Disc from ISO File" option is to start a new compilation first. This really does not make any sense because I don't want a "new" compilation, I want to work with an *existing* image file. Also, it is not "user-friendly" to have unlabled buttons without a menu bar alternative.
  5. Just when the burn process appears to be complete, I get this message: After dismissing it by clicking "OK", it returns to the ISO burning dialog and the "Time Elapsed" continues to increase. Clicking "Cancel Write" prompts me to confirm ("Are you sure?"). I choose "Yes". Then the Cancel button is disabled and "Closing session..." changes to "Aborting write, please wait...". The elapsed time indicator continues to increase. The only way to close the window is to end-process with the Task Manager. I have tested this multiple times now, and it does the same whether the "Finalize Disc" option is selected or not. The disc seems to work fine and even tries to boot when I restart my computer, but I won't have the opportunity to fully test it until I install Windows XP from the disc. If it really failed to finalize the disc, would it have problems with some older machines? Is there a way to verify data after a disc has already been burned? If this is a drive compatibility issue, my current drive is a LITE-ON LDW-401S DVD+RW/CD-RW drive.
  6. Thanks. The registry option worked. I hadalready peeked at that key before creating this thread, but I didn't change it because it was inappropriately named. Microsoft
  7. There is a discussion going on about possibly changing the name: viewtopic.php?t=1105
  8. CDBXP is already capable of creating an ISO image, perhaps there could be a rip/burn combined function? Of course, there would have to be a notification message regarding copy-protected discs.
  9. Actually, that sounds like it would only hide the drive from users who are logged-in remotely using Remote Desktop Connection (terminal services). I'll check, but I've been told that Autorun is very different from Auto Insert Notification.
  10. Any chance that we'll ever see source code?
  11. They don't burn immediately when sent to the drive. Windows gives you the opportunity to rename/organize them as if the CD is a folder on your hard drive. When you are ready, you right-click the drive or an empty area of the directory and choose "Write these files to CD...", or choose it from the Common Tasks area. In short, Windows XP does allow you to use the "Send to>" context menu or drag/drop files to the recordable drive. Only one extra step is required to actually write them. Actually, I think this is better than writing the files instantly because it avoids some of user accidents.
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