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  1. Never used burnatonce and the site won't let me access any help, or instruction files, due to a recent data loss. I have installed it as per your recomendation. Can you, or anyone, give me a short intro into it's proper use?
  2. I'm new to burning certain types of CDs. I wish to burn some backups of my favorite apps which are on CDs. What do I do? 1. Do I copy the CD to my hard drive by selecting the CD player and right-clicking it and choosing: "Copy" and then paste to my hard drive in a folder in the root directory, appropriately named? 2. And then open CDBurner XP; choose: "File" and then: "Save Image as ISO File"? 3. And then, after the file is saved to the hard drive, choose: "File" and then: "Write Disk from ISO File"? Will those steps create a CD with the same attributes as the oringinal?
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