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  1. If I minimize the program, at any point in time, it simply disappeares from my taskbar and Alt+Tab menu. It still shows as running in the background processes, but I can get to it. I have to kill it and re-open it. I've confirmed this error multiple (all) times and on multiple versions (two listed). I have a feeling it could be from the hiding code used when actually burning, but I don't know for sure. OS: 98se CPU: 1.7 GHz RAM: 256 Mbs Version: 3.0.115 & 3.0.113
  2. I've burned a few DVD+RW, and most were fine. The last one I did had folders, and it had some problems (I will say the folder depth was a few levels and there were a lot of files). All the files names where stripped down to eight characters with a three letter extension. There was no warning or error message. It just lost the rest of each file name. OS: 98se CPU: 1.7 GHz RAM: 256 Mbs Disk: FujiFilm DVD+WR Drive: Generic (Lite-On DVD+WR LDW-401s) Format: Joliet Version: 3.0.113 I know what the first people will say is: Update. Already done. I'm ereasing the disk now, and will re-burn. I won't be completely finished for awhile, so I'm just posting this now. I'm going to try a few things too see if I can pin-point the problem.
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