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  1. My company is very strick about users installing software. There's only 1 place on the client from where i can install the software : c:\remke. All other places are not writable for the normal user. The problem is after installing as Administrator (install as ...) when starting the program for the first/second/... time it wants to install something from c:\...\Administrator\... This is not accesible by the user and cannot be changed. An other location for installation could only be from the home-dir (U:\) ? Thx for looking into this ... -remke-
  2. After installing CDburner as Administrator the 'normal' user keeps getting a screen "Preparing for install" (installatioin has already been done by Administrator). The normal user does not have rights to install from c:\documents&settings\Administrator and because of that the installation can not be completed. Choosing an other path for the installer is not possible. ???
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