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  1. I would really like CDBurnerXP Pro to be able to sort files by extension (not Win-Explorer's "Filetype"). I use Exact Audio Copy for ripping CDs both into wav and ogg, which both end in the same folder with the same filename. I'm unable to mark only wav files with correct order. Sorting files by size doesn't help much, since the track order is broken and sorting of files is not supported in bottom pane of Audio CD making window. The only way I can use right now is dragging files one by one from an upper pane into a lower one. Here are my feature requests: 1. Allow to sort files by file e
  2. I've posted this into general discussion, but now I can confirm that this is a bug of CDBXP 3.0.115. I was unable to write a Fedora Core 2 DVD ISO image using my LITE-ON DVDRW SOHW-1633S on WinXP Home SP2. Another CD burning software (DeppBurner) worked fine and the resulting media passed a media check that Fedora Installer performs. Best Regards Tomas Valusek
  3. Hello, I've downloaded an ISO image of Fedora Core 2 DVD, stored it on NTFS patition (size 4.1GB) and I'd like to burn it. When I try to burn an ISO image, the burning process ends almost immediately announcing success. I think this is obvious mistake of a program, since the media remains empty. My computer runs WinXP Home SP2, 384MB RAM, burner Lite-on DVDRW SOHW-1633S. A picture of the dialog box after my ttempt is included Can you help me? Thank you. Tomas Valusek
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