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  1. My copy of the XP software is doing the same thing. But my burner writes ok with different software. I've uinstalled xp and will reinstall it and try again. P.
  2. Please ignore this copy..I'm trying to get my login name to stick on a reply. Thanks for the speedy reply Flo. I think I've cracked it...must have been too tired last night. No doubt I'll be back later on as I dig in deeper. Good to know that help is available. Cheers...P.
  3. hi, Just found cdburnerxp and really like what I see. Doing some tests copying files from HD to cd and keeping in multisession mode for each transfer has been a breeze, but I'm stuck when transferring a folder. My previous files show up in the bottom right box ok but when I select a folder in the top left box it opens all the contents into the top rightt box. I expect I could select them all and add them to the bottom right box for burning but I really want to just copy the folder over unopened. I must be missing something, and woiuld be really grateful for how to do it. Cheers P.
  4. Hi... Any sign of an ok for "LG model GSA-4081B" ? Thanks for any comments. Cheers P. Sorry...I already posted this on general discussion before I spotted this forum.
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