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  1. It's telling me to incert a compatible DVD. I don't understand though, because I burned the other disc? What to do?
  2. That is what I did with the Roxio software the other morning. I did not format or anything. Just used a blank disk. And it had worked fine.
  3. Sorry, I'm not sure what you mean? If I put a blank DVD in, explorer calls it a CD-Drive, and when I try to access it, it says, "F-Drive inaccessable/incorrect function". I'm not sure if that is what you are asking. I do appreciate the help though, keep it coming, maybe we can figure this out. Thanks.
  4. The media was actually created with an NEC drive. Since I wasn't getting any support from them, I sent the drive back and bought the Plextor. I tryed burning a small data disc with the included software Roxio this morning and explorer seems to be seeing it just fine. Fast load up and retrieval.
  5. I downloaded the latest version the other week and copied my download harddrive onto DVD. When I try to use explorer to open the DVD it works very slow. When it finally opens and I try coping files back to the hard drive it has trouble reading them. Giving me read errors. I have a Plextor 712A with the latest firmware installed, and am running XP PRO. The DVD does show the data is there. Pleaaaassssseeeee help. I already deleted my hard drive!! Thanks.
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