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  1. those guys don't understand anything.....listen to me..... You burned data on your DVD blank , the data is real slow and can't copy , this means you have a COASTER on the burned disc (C-2 error), while copying at a certain point you'll get DATA RECYCLE REDUNDACY (something like that error). it's not BURNERXP fault , it's a media fault mostly , the disc you used (example LG / PRINCO etc..) wasn't really 100% compatible with your DVD-Writer and made the error while burning. u copied a small ROXIO file and burned fine , that's because your Writer calibrated fine on that disc , many times
  2. hi i am really really sorry that CDBURNERXP PRO will move to .NET FRAMEWORK, this means i won't use it anymore , you have just condemned us to that. you are asking us to install .NET FRAMEWORK , a piece of garbage from Micro$oft , hog our systems just to use CD-BURNER XP .....sorry won't happend. i'm not happy and while the benefits for you will definetely be nice, easier coding and stuff, we are doomed. i'll use the current BurnerXP , .NET FRAMEWORK arrives , it's goodbye time. thank you.
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