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  1. Any idea when that will be? And is there a version that has this feature working? I really want to try it out.
  2. Not likely. I tried a lot of m3u files. But I will attach one or two if it will help.
  3. I have tried to drag and drop the file. Nothing happens in the bottom pane. See attached screenshot. The highlighted file is a m3u file (and yes, it contains only mp3s, which are supported types.)
  4. I need help. I am not sure wheter I have a bug or I am doing something wrong. I have version 3.0.115 installed, and it SHOULD be able to import m3u playlists (that's why I downloaded it). Problem is, whenever I try nothing happens. It should just be drag and drop, right? Well I try dragging it, I try doubleclicking from the explorer-style interface, still nothing. It can't be the playlist because it works in WInamp. So is anyone else out there having problems with this functionality?
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