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  1. Tried it today with the new .116 Version. Same result. Guess I'll have to wait until 3.5
  2. Yes I have two drives, but it's the same with the CDRW or DVD. Ah well, guess I'll have to wait for the next one. I will let you know if it helps!
  3. Well, by crash I mean it shows a singel Error-Window saying "Unnown Error!" with an OK-Button, and if I push the Button it exits. There's no further Text displayed. Oh, and it ejects the CD right after crashing/quitting. Sorry if I wasn's so clear with my description.
  4. Hy everyone! I am using CDBurnerXP Pro 3.0.115 and it's really a blast! Nevertheless, nearly everytime I try to rip a CD and query freeDB CDBurner shows a simple "Error" at the query and crashes. I've tried this with five different CD's (Sting, U2, Dead Kennedys, Ramones, Runrig) and the query only works with one of them (Dead Kennedys) everytime. With all the others it's simply "By-bye, Baby". And none of the CD's is a new one, so no copy protection either. Strangely enough, I tried to rip the CD's without freeDB (works) but if I enter the cd-infos by hand and use the save to disk option, the programm crashes too. I could post some system-specs if required.
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