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  1. Hello, I have noticed that the italian translation on this page (https://cdburnerxp.se/en-US/download?checkUpdate= needs to be updated, but I have compared the english translation file and the italian one with WinMerge and they are exactly the same. What kind of strings need to be added or modified? Just in case, I want to suggest two tools to update and maintain the language files. The frst one is WinMerge, as you noticed, available on https://winmerge.org/, the second one is EditPadLite, available on https://www.editpadlite.com/, and can be used in portable mod
  2. Ehilà pedro, se ci sarà la possibilità, potremmo collaborare in un piccolo team per tradurre il programma. Ovviamente tutti avranno gli stessi diritti e tutti potranno revisionare insieme la traduzione prima della versione finale. Che ne dici?
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