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  1. This method also works for most Linux Live ISOs as well. Examples: Knoppix and Kanotix as I use these Linux Live discs as my computer system when travelling. Thanks for as beautiful program to all the developers /authers. eion
  2. Dear folks, 20050611 again to advise above from me. Eion MacDonald
  3. Dear Sirs, 20050611 I thank you for this free software. I am happy to donate to development, and have just done so. (Can I have the Beta/Alpha version please ! How does download system know I have donated.?) I have used the product for the few CDs I burn (mainly system backups twice a year) and found it much better than the commercial software issued with my CD-RW by the major USA computer house who made my computer. Thank you for the software used free for some couple of years, I happily support development to give free programs to others who cannot pay. My sincere thanks
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